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The Amiga 1000

The Amiga is a series of computers released by Commodore, starting in 1985. It was a very powerful and capable machine for its time, featuring a Motorola 68000 and custom chips dedicated to IO, sound, graphics and more. This family of computers became quite popular, especially in Europe, spawning a huge library of games over time.

The later Amigas failed to advance vastly on the old models and the family lost its gain to newer video game consoles and other PC architectures. Despite this, there are still a handful of loyal Amiga users today and software continues to be developed for the classic machines, as well as a newer line of PPC-based Amigas released in the 2000s and beyond.


Emulation of the Amiga platform requires more processing power than systems of its' time, due to the use multiple chipsets and keeping them synchronized. Some slower PCs or portable devices, such as the PSP, may have trouble emulating it at proper speeds in comparison to a Mega Drive emulator or other platforms. It is possible to enable JIT and other options which may greatly increase the emulation speed, at the cost of compatibility issues with some games and software.

At present, WinUAE is the most actively maintained emulator for Windows systems. New features and bugfixes are being developed all the time. FS-UAE incorporates the changes made to WinUAE, while providing a powerful user-friendly interface and supporting a variety of platforms.

Name Operating System(s) Latest Version Active Recommended
WinUAE Windows 3.3.0
FS-UAE Multiplatform 2.6.2
MESS Multiplatform 0.154