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BizHawk is a multi-system emulator designed predominantly around the production of Tool Assisted Speedruns (TAS). It is written in C# and requires .NET 4.0 to run.


Supported Systems

System Based on code from:
Nintendo Entertainment System FCEUX
Super Nintendo Entertainment System bsnes v087 (Higan)
Nintendo 64 Mupen64Plus
Game Boy Gambatte
Game Boy Color Gambatte
Master System Original. Z80 CPU core based on cogwheel
Game Gear Original. Z80 CPU core based on cogwheel
Genesis Genesis Plus GX
SG-1000 Original. Z80 CPU core based on cogwheel
Saturn Yabause
PC Engine Original
Atari 2600 Original
Atari 7800 emu7800
ColecoVision Original
TI-83 Original


  • Full Screen support
  • Controller and Hotkey mapping
  • Joypad support (for both controller and hotkeys)
  • Auto (Rapid) Fire controls
  • Basic re-recording and rerecording
  • "Bullet-proof" rerecording
  • Frame/Lag/Rerecording counters
  • Input Display
  • Auto-hold
  • Alpha version of "TAStudio"
  • RAM Watching/Poking tools
  • RAM Searching
  • Lua Scripting
  • Rewind


For TAS purposes, BizHawk is the king. It's also relatively easy to use for casual gaming, but, for multi-system emulators, RetroArch is a superior alternative, plus the fact that it is on a lot more platforms than this.