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DraStic is a payware closed-source NDS emulator for Android.


Nvidia TEGRA 2-based devices (including the Xoom and some versions of the Galaxy S2) and Intel x86-based devices will not work with this emulator. Do not try; most are blacklisted, but some might not be. You will need a reasonably powerful (hopefully multi-core) device for games to work full speed. Tested devices:

  • Nexus 4: Full speed in tested games: Mario Kart, Super Scribblenauts, and Advance Wars: Dual Strike. (Scribblenauts is too difficult to play without a gamepad, though)
  • HTC Desire: Significant lag in most (all?) games
  • Transformer Infinity: Some slowdown in Luigi's mansion level of Mario Kart DS. Generally fullspeed though.
  • RK3168: most 2D games run fulspeed. Significant lag in most 3D games
  • Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime: Most, if not all games run full speed. (Needs backup verification)


Currently, DraStic is the only full-speed DS emulator available for Android. Contrary to what some may assume, the DS processors' similarity to ARM cores used on most Android devices are actually of little benefit. According to Exophase, running DS code straight on Android would lead to numerous issues. He also noted that the approach used in DraStic isn't any much different to other emulators, apart from implementing and optimising it with speed and low-end devices in mind.[1]

Just like with No$GBA, there are likely to be bugs to come with the speed.

  • If both screens are used in sync, like with Hotel Dusks's scenes or Etrian Odyssey's intro, the screens may be flipped and flicker. This does not flip the touch controls though.
    • To fix, in most cases at least, disable multithreaded 3D.
  • Various pokémon games' 3D may have black holes. And the games themselves may crash at various points.
    • Supposedly improved in 2.1.
  • Some games, namely Holly Hobbie and American Girl titles, run with rendering issues like geometry or sprite corruption, although this will be fixed in a future update.


The emulator uses the same savegame format of Desmume (*.dsv).

Flashcart saves can be converted on the PC by loading the game in Desmume and then choose the menu item "File->import backup memory..."