Video Game Emulation Wiki

ePSXe (short for enhanced PSX emulator) is a closed source, plugin-based PlayStation emulator. ePSXe offers high compatibility but the main project has not received any updates since 2016. The Android version continues to receive minor updates, but all support is now user-provided. Generally, DuckStation is now recommended over ePSXe.

ePSXe can be downloaded from its official website. The Android version is payware, but the Windows, Linux, and OS X versions are freeware.


ePSXe is plugin-based and comes with internal plugins for playing sound and reading CD-ROMs. The Linux and Android versions also come with GPU plugins.

ePSXe supports many CD-ROM formats, including bin/cue, multibin/cue, mdf/mds, ccd/bin/sub, iso, ecm, and pbp. It also supports subchannels and PPF patching on-the-fly.

Newer versions of ePSXe support gamepad plugins and multitap for up to 8 players. Windows version 1.9.25 introduced high-level emulation support, allowing for emulation without an original PlayStation BIOS, but this is not completely accurate; a PlayStation BIOS provides increased accuracy. In addition, save states are not compatible between HLE and the BIOS.