Video Game Emulation Wiki
Filetype Name System Notes
.rar/.7zip/.zip Compressed Archive - Use WinRAR or 7Zip to open and extract.
.001/.part1 Split Archive - Use WinRAR or 7Zip to open and extract.
Disc Images
Filetype Name System Notes
.iso/.img Disk Image Multiple
.ccd CloneCD Control File Multiple Usually comes with .img files.
.bin Binary File Multiple Usually accompanied with, and used by, a cue sheet.
.cue Cue Sheet Multiple Metadata file for .bin/.iso/.img tracks.
.mdf Media Descriptor File Multiple Disc image made from Alcohol 120%
.mds Media Descriptor Sheet Multiple Like a .cue or .ccd, but for .mdf files.
.ecm Error Code Modeler PS1 Compressed PS1 disc image, use UnECM to decompress it.
.cso Compressed ISO PSP Compressed PSP disc image, use UMDGen to convert to and from .iso
.cdi/.gdi CD Image DreamCast Typically used with DreamCast, CDI is a compressed GDI
Filetype Name System Notes
.fds Famicom Disk System NES
.smc Super Magicom SNES Headered ROMs dumped from a Super Magicom copier.
.sfc Super Famicom ROM SNES Headerless SNES ROM
.md Multi Game Doctor Genesis ROMs dumped from a Multi Game Doctor
.smd Super Magic Drive Genesis Headered ROMs dumped from a Super Magic Drive
.gen Genesis ROM Genesis Headerless Genesis ROM
.gg Game Gear ROM Game Gear
.z64 Zip Diskette N64 ROM Nintendo 64 Headered N64 ROMS dumped with a Mr. Backup Z64
.v64 Doctor V64 Nintendo 64 Headered N64 ROMS dumped with a Doctor V64
.n64 N64 ROM Nintendo 64
.gb GameBoy ROM GameBoy
.gbc GBC ROM GameBoy Color
.gba GBA ROM GameBoy Advance
.gcm GameCube Master Image GameCube GC disc dumped the way it's read
.gcz Compressed GameCube Disc Image GameCube Can be either a compressed .gcm or .iso
.nds NDS ROM Nintendo DS
.wbfs Wii Backup File System Wii Use WBFS Manager to convert to and from .iso
.wad Game Data File Wii/Doom Use for Wii channels and old FPS games
.ngp/.ngc NGP/C ROM Neo Geo Pocket/Color
.pce PC Engine ROM PC Engine
Filetype Name System Notes
.dsv DeSmuMe Save NDS
.sav Save file Multiple
.ps2 PCSX2 Memory Card PS2
.mcr Memory Card Reader PS1 PS1 emulator memory card
.mpk Memory Pack N64 N64 Saves
.eep EEPROM N64 N64 Saves
.st0/.sta/ Savestate Multiple
.srm Save RAM SNES/Genesis Save RAM dump, used with emulators and flashcarts
Filetype Name System Notes
.cg C for Graphics ? NVIDIA's shader format based on C's syntax.
.glsl OpenGL Shading Language / GLslang ? OpenGL only shader format based on C's syntax.
.hlsl High-level shader language Windows, XBOX, 360 Microsoft's proprietary DirectX only shader langauge, based on C's syntax.
Filetype Name System Notes

Executable and Linkable Format

PS2/PS3/GC/Wii Typically a homebrew/small application file
.pbp Perl Builder File PSP Game and homebrew eboot file
.dol Dolphin File GC/Wii Executable
.cfg/.ini Configuration File Multiple Use a text editor like notepad/Notepad++ to edit
.dll Dynamic Link Library Multiple Typically used for plugins/emulation cores in emulators