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Nestopia is a NES emulator. It is also available as a libretro core for RetroArch.


Emucr builds


Windows XP users report problems with vsync and input lag. These issues do not exist in the Linux or RetroArch ports.


Uses Kaillera


  • Supports up to 4 player simultaneous (Kaillera)
  • It supports a great number of mappers
  • Excellent connectivity, sometimes informally compared to GGPO's netcode in efficiency
  • Basic chat support.
  • Requires port forwarding
  • The highest ping that it tolerates is around the 150ms mark, after which it starts to desynch very often
  • It's slightly prone to freezing/crashing/BSOD, but to a much lesser extent than the multiplayer client
  • Everyone needs to have the exact same ROM version and save file. Or else, it'll desynch or outright not work.
  • Chat box is an eyesore.
  • You need to constantly switch focus back and forth between chat and emulator window in order to chat.
  • You will hear no sound while the window is unfocused.