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The No$ (NoCash) programs are a series of proprietary emulators, some of which are donationware, and accompanying tools/debuggers for a variety of systems, produced by Martin Korth.

NoCash website


Emulator Active System
no$psx PSX
no$gba GBA, Nintendo DS
no$zx ZX Spectrum
no$sns SNES/Super Famicom
no$2k6 Atari 2600
no$nes Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)
no$gmb Game Boy

Commodore 64

no$cpc Amstrad CPC
no$msx MSX


Don't bother with these unless you happen to use a very old/outdated computer, these emulators are built around speedhacks and are prone to bugs. Use the emulators for the systems listed on the main page instead. The exception being No$gba if you need some of its additional features such as a more stable link cable emulation support (which in the recommended option, VBA-M doesn't work properly as of recent builds).