Video Game Emulation Wiki

Save converters can change a save from one format to another. Emulators can sometimes use a different file format.

.srm <-> .sav[] - Convert .srm files to .sav and vice versa. If you have a save file from a specific place like the MiSTer, a flash cart, or a Retron 5 please use one of the converters below instead.

Game Boy Advance[]

Gameshark (*.sps):

Gameshark SP (*.gsv):

Action Replay (*.xps):


Converts GBA battery saves between VBA-M and the VBA-Next core of RetroArch. Note that most games will work without conversion, but some may break entirely without converting (e.g. Ninja Five-O).


DexDrive (*.gme):

PS1 games on PSP (*.vmp):

PS1 games on PS3 (*.PSV):

Emulator (*.mcr):

Memcard Rex:


Nintendo 64[]

DexDrive (*.n64):

Emulator (*.mpk):

Sega CD[]

Emulator (*.brm, *.sav, etc): Change RAM cart size because some emulators only support certain sizes. Move internal memory saves to RAM cart or vice versa. Split up and recombine saves within a file as necessary.

Wii Virtual Console[]

Wii VC (*.bin):


Various MiSTer platforms:

Flash Carts[]

Everdrive, EZ Flash, Mega SD:

Nintendo Switch Online[]

Requires access to homebrew software on the Switch:

Online emulators[]

Various websites that allow you to play retro games in the browser. Most only allow the downloading of save states:

Be sure to make an in-game save before creating/downloading your save state. Only the in-game save can be extracted from the save state.

Retron 5 / RetroFreak[]

PSP (save decryption)[]

Nintendo DS[]

Places to download save files[]

Copy save files to/from original hardware[]