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Lewpy 3dfx/glide

I've been playing around with lewpy's 3dfx plugin and i dare to say it's just as good if not better than pete's opengl2. Visually speaking i can't tell the difference when using their best-looking options, but lewpy's plugin seems faster, lighter than pete's plugin, which means it's doing the same with less. I can't provide a better evaluation because they both run fine, maybe someone with a less powerful computer can tell the difference (i have a i3 quad-core, 4gb ram, intel hd 4000 laptop).

I'm convinced that it deserves to be a recommended plugin

Here's how to make it work on windows 7 x64

1.Download and install nglide (it's a glide wrapper, glide was a proprietary 3d graphics API similar to direct3d and opengl which offered the best graphical experience in the 90's but eventually declined after a series of bad decisions and was bought by nvidia, shame...)

2.Download and extract the plugin to your plugin folder

3.Copy the glide3x.dll from your windows/syswow64 folder to your windows/system32 folder

4.Open the nglide configurator and adjust to your liking.

5.Start your emulator and configure the plugin to your liking

6. Play the game

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