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The Windows 9x series consisted of Windows 95, Windows 98, and Windows ME. Playing Win95/98/ME games on a modern system can be difficult. There is no simple straightforward "emulator" for it, unlike DOS.


Main article: Wine

Wine is for Linux and OSX and allows WIndows applications to run on those systems. Support for Win95/98 programs is quite strong.


Main article: DOSBox

Windows 95 and 98 can be installed in DOSBox. Windows ME however cannot. How well do games play? No idea.

There has been interest in creating a spin off version of DOSBox that incorporates compatibility with Windows 95/98/ME. It would be called 9xbox. As of 02/09/13 it has not passed the theoretical stage and no work has been done.

Virtual machine[]

Win95/98 can be installed through a Virtual Machine. There is however no 3D accelleration.

Windows 7/8[]

Some Win95/98 applications can be run on these systems. However, support is very spotty. Selecting Windows 95 or Windows 98 in compatibility mode helps.