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The original Xbox console

The Xbox is a 6th generation console produced by Microsoft in 2001. Known originally as the DirectXbox, this console is notable for essentially being a PC, to the point that some components can be upgraded and have games utilize the increased capabilities properly, as a result of using components from both Intel and Nvidia, as well as being x86-based. It is, in theory, the most powerful console of the 6th generation as a result (in practice however, the Gamecube's architecture allowed for better optimization and more impressive technical feats).


Name Operating System(s) Latest Version Active Recommended
Cxbx Windows Git
Xenoborg Windows r19
XQEMU Windows, Linux, OS X Git

Xbox 360 Xbox 360 Patch based ?


The common misconception with the Xbox is that due to being x86-based, it should be easier to emulate. This couldn't be more wrong (See this thread for more details). While the x86 architecture itself is fairly well documented, it is HUGE, as well as the fact that the specific hardware components within the Xbox are not very well documented at all, especially the Nvidia components. This has meant that overall compatibility of emulators for Xbox have been extremely low, supporting only a handful of games.

While the Xbox 360 is backwards compatible, it is not 100% like the Wii is with the Gamecube. While some work off the bat, some need patches downloaded and even then there are still issues with many games from graphical glitches and slowdown to fullblown programming fails (falling through floors in half life 2), though you should be fine.